Aside from illustration work, I have more and more often the opportunity do make short animations – book trailers, animated cards, short animated commercials and so on… Most of the time I get commissioned by publishers to make book trailers. This means that sometimes I get to animate illustrations drawn by somebody else:

Tu akurat książka – poza okładką – nie miała żadnych ilustracji, więc wszystko zrobiłem sam 🙂

Tu także rysunki są moje.

I tu też.

… i tu.

Sometimes the book has no illustrations (or the publisher doesn’t need me to use them) – this gives me more creative freedom. Below, a trailer for a story taking place in 15th century Poland, in the court of queen Jadwiga:

The one below is for a horror story set in communist Warsaw, in the year 1984:

This is a book about ghosts living in today’s world, a modern take on a gothic horror story:

The three clips below are something different, as they were made not to sell books, but to commemorate the 1050th anniversary of the baptism of Poland. There were twelve clips, every one was about the influence of this event on one aspect of Polish history (the ones included here are art, literature and education…

Sometimes – when I have some free time, I make animated cards, mostly with Christmas greetings: